Public Notice -- While Israel Doctrine wholeheartedly embraces the re-awakening of "Blacks"  to our true identity as Israelites, we alo categorically reject the doctrine that any group or individuals should be denied full Kingdom citizenship in the nation of Israel in Jesus the Christ, to entering into the body of Christ, as adopted sons and daughters from every kindred, tribe, tongue, nation and people, based upon race, color, gender, national origin, or any other specified group characteristic.

We deal with the uncut word of God according to the Prophets Old Testament and Apostles New Testament. And we observe all of the Lord’s Holy Days, as outlined in the twenty-third chapter of Leviticus. We also observe the Lord’s Dietary Law, as outline in Leviticus, chapter eleven. As we teach and observe the Royal Law, which are the Ten Commandments. We at Israel Doctrine believe in the Resurrection.