Our Resources section is designed for all men everywhere who are seekers of truth, and desire greater insight into “Israel Doctrine” through personal research; but particularly Israel first those which are called to full-time ministry.

We do find it needful to point out that contrary to popular belief, the real burden of studying "to show yourself approved, a workman unto God", does not rest upon the shoulders of the saints/church at large, but must be borne by the five-fold ministry as detailed in (Ephesians 4:11)

Now each office of the ministry; Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher, carries its own distinct anointing and has its own individual work. For these offices and officers to work together, and accomplish the building up of the body of Christ; they must recognize their differences and be yielded and submitted to one another (1 Pet 5:5). Each of these offices and officers are directly responsible to the Lord Jesus Christ and is directed by the Holy Spirit (word of God), to the work of service.

Therefore, a closer examination of the scripture from which such great error is drawn (2 Tim. 2:15), reveals that in proper context, it was directed to Timothy, a young evangelist under the apostle Paul, to help equip him to meet the challenges of the ministry.

After all, which of you being in legal difficulty and in need of counsel would turn to a man who only moonlights as an attorney? And it's rightfully said that a man who serves as his own lawyer has a fool for a client!

How much more then must we look to those with a full-time commitment to the things of God when our very souls are at stake?

So, as the faithful remnant in the Messiah/Christ must come to recognize this truth - just as it takes a full-time commitment to master the disciplines of this world, it takes just as much a commitment and more, to master the things of the God of Israel...

For this very cause, we pray that “Israel Doctrine” give anointed ministry gifts to those that rightly dividing it!

Therefore, we declare unto you, saints at large, by the authority of the mantle that in this section: we can’t be loosed from the burden of duty on mastering the word of truth on your own time!

So, we do urge you to take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge readily available in this technological age - but never at the expense of your primary calling as husband, father, businessman, worker, etc.

We at Israel Doctrine hope and trust that the resources offered here will be of valuable assistance to you in that endeavor!  *Remember, no one person has it all, gifts, callings, etc.  We must recognize our individual gifts and that of others. We need each other and should be willing to yield.